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Health care services

With an active precaution you protect your health.
Therefore, use the medical-diagnostic options to prevent early health risks. In our practice among other things, we carry out the following screening examinations.

Youth Health Examination J1

Especially for 12 to 15-year-olds there is the Youth Health Examination J1. In addition to a physical examination, young people can inform themselves about everything that is close to their heart in a doctor's talk.
On subjects such as: puberty, addiction, contraception, vaccination, acne, depression.

This is always the duty of confidentiality for doctors.
This means that no doctor is allowed to surrender without consent, which has been discussed here. Also not opposite the parents.

Health check-up (health check-up)

From the age of 35 onwards, health insurance funds are scheduled for a period of two years for each patient (private patients annually). This precautionary measure includes screening for the most common diseases such as hypertension, sugar disease and fat metabolism disorders. In case of appropriate suspicion, further investigations can, of course, be carried out or initiated.

Cancer screening

This is primarily the cancer care in the man addressed, since the cancer care of the woman is, of course, the female doctor or the female doctor is the right contact person. The study is aimed at two common types of cancer in man, namely intestinal and prostate cancer. It should be carried out regularly from the age of 45.
As of the age of 55, the health insurance companies will once again bear the costs of a preventive colonoscopy in men and women.

Consultion of vaccination and vaccinations

Today's modern vaccines are generally well-tolerated.
In order to provide our patients with optimal protection, we will be glad to advise you and carry out the necessary protective vaccinations in our practice.

Please note

The performance package of statutory health insurance funds contains important - but not all - tests and tests for the early detection of diseases of the cardiovascular system as well as metabolic disorders. For patients who wish to be more secure, we therefore offer supplementary examinations, so-called Individual Health Services (IGeL).